In addition to keeping our fleet one of the best maintained fleets in the area, we also offer annual service maintenance, inspection and repair services for your equipment.  Properly maintained equipment will help you avoid costly breakdowns and time lost on the job.
Our shop and field service capabilities keep your equipment up and running in the most critical times. Our experienced mechanics have solved problems through heavy equipment repairs and maintenance for over 30 years.  There is very little we haven't seen or repaired over the years!  We have formed strong relationships within the industry and our customers trust us with their equipment & machinery. It is this commitment that sets our service and experience apart from the rest. We know how important it is for your equipment to be working properly and we're here to keep you running and on the job. Time is money, call us today!


Heavy equipment is the most expensive construction equipment you own. It’s also the costliest to repair or replace. To ensure optimal performance of these costly assets and the safety of their operators, regular maintenance is a must. Being proactive in your heavy equipment maintenance schedule helps prevent expensive downtime. Regular maintenance helps predict when failure is likely to occur, allowing you to find a solution to problems before they happen.​​

Willow Equipment offers customized maintenance programs for your fleet. You can rely on our experience to prevent unnecessary downtime, contact us today to discuss your fleet maintenance program!